The Best Microsoldering Tools

If you’re interesting in the tools & equipment we use for Microsoldering & Board Level Diagnostics, you’ve come to the right place.

We have spent lots of money & time using all types of different tools, experimenting & seeing what works. We’ll be linking some of the best tools in the industry. We value quality over price, so some of these aren’t the most affordable, but you’d be happy with the results.

Some of the links may be affiliate links, which means we may make a small commission if you click through. We appreciate all those who do buy through our links & support the cause. The more people buy through our links, the more we’ll spend time putting pages like these together for you.

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Soldering Station Kits

Hot Air Station & Soldering Iron Station

Atten ST-862D

Affordable & great performance. I use it every day

Bent Nozzles

Must have! Allows you to work under the scope without it getting in the way.

Aixun T420D

Dual Iron Soldering Station.
Get the T210 & T115 Handle Set
Perfect for microsoldering repairs

Watch full review HERE

JBC T210 Knife Tip

Genuine JBC Knife Tip for the T210 handle. Model# C210-018 from Amazon

Aixun T210 Iron Tips

Buy spare Aixun T210 Tips. Aftermarket quality at a great price.
C210 is for the T210 handle

Brass Wire Tip Cleaner

I still use this to clean my soldering iron tips! Works fantastic.

Low Cost $150 Soldering Iron Alternative

Aixun T3B w/ T210 Handle & 3 tips

Amazing station & comes with everything you need for a soldering iron station.

Select the T3B T210 option

Watch full review HERE

DC Power Supply Tools

Essential Bench Tools


The DC Power Supply I'm using right now

Fine Tip MultiMeter Probes

For Injecting voltage

DC Power Supply Cables

Banana Plugs, Alligator Clips & Mini Hooks. Use it for powering iPads & as extension cables

DT880 Mini DC Power Supply

For testing & troubleshooting iPhone power issues

Power Cable for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max

Works with DT880

Power Cable for iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max & 12 Mini

Works with DT880

Power Cable for iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max

Works with DT880

iMechanic iBoot Cables for Android

This kit has a lot of Android phone battery plugs. Samsung, LG, Motorola, etc. Cables work with DT880

Microscopes & Accessories

Complete List Of Everything You Need

Parco Simul-Focal Stereo Microscope 7X-45X Zoom

This is the bare bones microscope. You'll need to add the light, barlow, camera, etc.

Parco 0.5X Barlow Lens

This will give you more room under the scope to work in.

AmScope 56 LED Scope Light

This light is better than the 144 LED version, for many reason explained in the Amazon reviews

4K Microscope Camera

Amazing quality camera for recording video through your scope. Comes with 5mm Spacer. Requires Reduction Lens

5mm Spacer

Required to allow the camera & your eye pieces to be in focus at the same time. Check if your scope camera comes with one

0.5X Reduction Lens

This allows you to independently focus the camera.

Polarizer LED Ring Light for Microscope

Fancy light that lets you see past the glare. Highly recommend it!

Elgato 4K USB3.0 Capture Card

You need this to connect your Scope camera to your PC. PC Requires a USB 3.0 port for this to work.

OBS Software

OBS let's you see & record your microscope camera. This is what I use to record my YouTube Videos

Fume Extractor

Build Your Own DIY Fume Extract

4in Air Carbon Filter

Attach this filter to the exhaust of the Inline Fan. The air should flow INTO this filter.

4in 205 CFM Inline Fan

This is what sucks the fumes out of the air. The arrow on the inlet tells you which direction the air flows. You want the air to flow towards the Carbon Filter.

4in Aluminum Ducting (8ft)

Route this ducting to your working area. Attach one end to the Inlet of the inline fan.

4in to 2.5in Reducer

Use this to be able to attach the 4in Aluminum ducting to the 2.5in Flexible Hose.

2.5in Flexible Hose (3ft)

Attach this to the 4in to 2.5 reducer. Allows you to get this real close to your working area without taking up a lot of space. Use Zip Ties to hold it to your scope for even better convenience.

4in Duct Filter

This is a small net to place over the end of the tube. Helps prevent any small objects being sucked into the fume extractor.

Remote Control Outlets

Use this to be able to easy switch ON/OFF your fume extractor & other solder tools. Stick the remote near by your bench for easy access.

White Duct Tape

Seal off all connections of ducting and fan so the airflow doesn't leak out.

Thermal Camera

The Best Thermal Cam Solution for Board Repair Techs

Seek Compact Pro (iOS)

The thermal camera I use every day to find shorts.

VCC Macro Lens

Required Lens to make the images of the logic board super clear

VCC Seek Stand

Super convenient stand that allows you to use the Seek hands free!

NAND Programmers

Configure the NAND replacements with these tools

iRepair P10 Purple Mode Programmer

This allows you to program NAND on iPhone 6 - iPhone X devices via USB. No soldering needed. Also supports many iPads. Can unlock WiFi too!

JC P13 NAND & Purple Programmer

This can do Purple Mode like the iRepair P10, but can also program NANDs of iPhone 8 to iPhone 13 Pro Max. It can also recover NAND data from iPhone 8 to 11 series.


A MUST for any board level tech

Fluke 115 Multimeter

I love this because it beeps in diode mode. Super useful for measuring lines without having to look at it.

Sharp Multimeter Probes

Ultra fine point multimeter probes compatible with the Fluke 115

iPhone Sandwich Tools

Heaters, Reballing Jigs, Sockets, Supplies
& other helpful tools for 2 layer motherboards

Mechanic iX5 Max Board Heater

Use this to split & resolder the sandwich. Compatible with iPhone X, XS, XS Max, 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max.
You may need to shave the posts down, so the board sits easily onto it.

X360 Heater for iPhone 12 & 13

I'd recommend this heater for the 12 & 13 series since they require more heat. I generally use 200-220C for these models.
Select the "X-13PM FaceID mold" option

Qianli iPhone X/XS/XSM Reballing Jig

Best jig for reballing the sandwich.

Qianli iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max Reballing Jig

I'll be honest, I haven't tested this version of it. But i heard the iPhone 11 part of it doesn't work well. Unfortunately, they no longer sell the iPhone 11 only jig anymore.
(Select the iPhone 11/11P/11PM model)

Low Melt 158C Sandwich Solder Paste

Use this solder paste for the best outcome for reballing sandwich boards.

Qianli iSocket for X, XS, XSM

You NEED this if you're going to do any sandwich work. This allows you to connect the top & bottom layers together temporarily for testing.

Qianli iSocket for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max

You NEED this if you're going to do any sandwich work. This allows you to connect the top & bottom layers together temporarily for testing.(Use promo code "VCCBR" for 5% off)

Qianli iSocket for iPhone 12, 12P, 12PM, 12 Mini

This sandwich jig also has a cutout for the 5G antenna, so you don't have to remove the flex.
(Use promo code "VCCBR" for 5% off)

Reballing Stencils for iPhone 12 & 13

These Reballing Stencils are the best I've found so far for iPhone 12 series and 13 series, due to the 5G antenna flex on the bottom board.

More Useful Tools

All the other misc. tools, supplies, etc you may need

Jumper Wire 0.02mm

This wire is non-insulated, so it's easy to install & great for small/short jumpers. I use this for Audio IC repairs.

Kester 63/37 Rosin Core 183C Solder Wire

This is leaded solder that you'd use for pretty much everything.

2uul Brass Screwdrivers

So far, the best screwdrivers I've found for phone repair. They're very heavy & feel great in hand.

2UUL 3D Tweezer

Best Tweezers for Microsoldering

USB Meter Tester

You NEED this. It allows you to read the USB charging current for any USB device. Great thing about it is that it has 4 digits after decimal.

USB C Meter Tester

I love this thing for testing USB C devices. It has a switch to go between normal 5V USB C and USB C PD.

Clean Room Wipes

These are lint free & great for wiping down a board. Also if you fold them in half twice, you can use it to reball your ICs on top of.

Sunshine External Battery Charger

This allows you to charge an iPhone battery externally. Super helpful to diagnose a bad battery too!
Watch video here.

Authentic Amtech Flux

When buying flux, make sure you buy from trusted sources. I prefer this flux Amtech NC-559-ASM

Mechanic XG-50 Reballing Paste (183C)

Reballing Paste used for all ICs. Has a melting point of 183C.

Qianli 007 Hook

Great for cleaning underfill & lifting ICs that are underfilled like NAND, WiFi, etc.

Mijing K23 Pro Board Holder

Great universal board holder. I use it a lot for Samsung boards.

2x2in Steel Block

Very versatile block. It's heavy so you can use it to hold down boards, or as a stand to tape flex cables you're working on. Or place a hot board on it to cool it down faster.

4x4in Steel Block

Just like the 2x2, but bigger. Also it cools downs boards way faster too.

Freeze Spray

Spray the board & inject voltage to find the shorted component(s).

Baking Mat

Use this as your working mat. it won't burn or warp with the high heat of your hot air station.

Mini Heatsinks

These copper shims are great for heat sinking. Place them on the CPU or any component you want to avoid overheating.

Magico DFU Cable

The name is inaccurate. It doesn't actually get it into DFU mode. But it will get an iPhone to boot into Recovery Mode, which is useful when you have the board out of the housing & need to restore it.

Needle Squeeze Drip Bottles

I have these full with Isopropyl Alcohol and use them regularly to clean IC's and board.

PPD120 iPhone Board Heater

I use this for almost all repairs. Set to 120C, it helps warm up for the board for any solder work & makes it easy to remove underfill. Fits all single layer iPhone boards

Qianli USB UV Light

USB Powered UV light for curing UV Mask

Mechanic Green UV Mask

Use this to hold jumper wires in place, cover exposed ground plane & more! Cures with a UV light

YouTube Camera Gear

Everything you need to record your own YouTube Videos

Sony A7 IV Camera Bundle

I use this as my main video camera for intros & outros. This is a bundle kit with everything you need to get started.

Razer Kiyo 1080P USB Camera

I use this as my overhead camera.

Camera Clamp

I have this clamped to my shelf & have the Razer Kiyo attached to it.

4k USB Camera (2.8-12mm)

This is the main camera that points to me at my workbench. It's manual focus.

Small Bench Tripod

I use this to attach to the 2.8-12mm 4k USB Camera. It's great because you can retract it to get the camera out of the way when not in use.

4K USB Camera

This camera is what points to my hands/working area & has great zoom abilities. Also manual focus camera.

Mini Tripod

This is what holds the zoom 4k USB camera that's pointing to my hands. It's super low profile, so perfect for this use case.

Studio Lights

These are what light up the room!

Workbench Light

These help light up my workbench & my face. They're mounted under my shelf.

Soft Light

I have this above my working area pointed to my face. Works great for short distance lightning.


I have 2 of these behind me, to light up the background with different colors. You can control it through your phones via Bluetooth.

Portable Tripod

I use 2 of these to hold the RGB LED Light. They're super light weight and great for this use case.

Rode Wireless Mics

This is a USB C Receiver + 2x Mic Transmitters. Use them with a Lav Mic for best setup. These are great due to the quality & also compatible with Android phones.

Lav Mic

Use this with the Rode Wireless Mics. Connect to the mic port of the Mic Transmitter.