How To Find An iPhone VCC Main Short Using Freeze Spray

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to find a short, using the Freeze Spray method. In this example, I have a water damaged iPhone 6S Plus. It is not booting up & has a VCC Main Short. If you need an iPhone repaired, please contact me via Instagram @SocalDigitalRepair or send me a text: 323.813.1349

After picking off all the capacitors that looked bad, the short to ground was still there on VCC_MAIN. Using freeze spray, I was able to pinpoint the location of the short.

My DC Power Supply was set to 4V and limited to 2A. Spraying Freeze Spray on the board, then touching ground & VCC_MAIN w/ the probes, I was able to locate the source of the short. After removing Chestnut, which had corrosion under it, I cleared the short!

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Watch here:

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