Panic Log Errors. How To Solve Random Restarting

iPhones can randomly restart due to many issues and for certain models, it is due to a bad flex in the housing.

These models require the Charging Port to be plugged in or else it will restart every 3 minutes.

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max

These models require the Charging Port and the Power Button Flex to be plugged in, or else it will restart every 3 minutes.

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max

In scenarios where you have the appropriate flexes plugged in, but it still restarts, then you either have:

  • Bad or damaged flex
  • Low quality aftermarket flex
  • Liquid damaged flexes (check other flex cables, like volume, camera, antenna, etc)
  • Or it could be something else

In the video below, I go through how to review the panic log files to get some clues that will point you closer to a possible solution.

Now that you know how to review the panic logs, now let’s get dive a bit deeper.

If you see “thermalmonitord” in the most recent panic log, then you have a charging port or power button flex issue.

Review the part where it says “Missing sensor(s):”

If you see the following

  • Prs0
  • Mic1

Then the issue is the charging port flex. Install a new, OEM or Premium Charging Port

If you see this

  • Mic2

Then the issue is going to be the power button flex.

Panic Log Errors

Here are some other Panic Log errors that you may come across. I haven’t confirmed them all. But they may lead you towards the solution.
SOURCE: PRO-mobile

“AOP PANIC – PressureController” – Barometer
This error occurs mainly on iPh X and above, there is a barometer on the system cable at the bottom near the left microphone.

Mostly due to NAND, but look for keywords in the logs.

“SD: 0 Missing sensor (s): TG0B” – battery / TIGRIS
The device does not see the battery.

“AOP PANIC – SCMto: 0 – prox” – PROXIMITY
A proximity sensor, usually after water, causes the phone to reboot.

“Kernel data abort” – CPU
Mainly because of the processor blade or the coils along the buck lines. Also in the log, there are sometimes specific lines and elements from the diagrams.

“Missing sensor (s): mic1” – Microphone
Often after water or mechanical stress.
mic1 is the bottom left microphone.
mic2 – next to the flash / flashlight.
mic3 – next to the front camera.
mic4 is the bottom right microphone.

“SD: 1 Missing sensor (s): Prs0” – Barometer
The barometer on the charging port flex is damaged or its line.

“AppleSocHot: hot hot hot” – CPU / CP
Met only on iPhone 7 models.
Mainly because of the CP

“AppleBCMWLAN” – WF / BT

“AOP PANIC” – Ambiguous error, look for keywords in the log.

“Ememory” – Nand

Mostly on iPhone 5s / 6.

“Anc-postnand.c1260 asser failed link” – Nand

“Stacks + routined” – battery

Found mainly on iPad.

“AGXK AGXAcceletor” – Gyroscope / Accelerometer

“Apcie (0: s3e)” – NAND

“Apcie (wlan)” – WiFi

“Apcie (bt)” – BT

“Sleep wake hang detected” – WF / codec / amplifiers
Ambiguous error freezing in sleep mode, look for keywords in the log.

“Nvme” – NAND
Nand with PCIE bus.

“Lm3539″ – Backlight Driver
On Plus models, to find out which of the two, look in the log for the i2c line.

“Mic-temp-sens2″ – mic2
Microphone next to flash / flashlight. Often found on iPhone 11.

“Kernel instructglon fetch Abort” – CPU
Termination of the CPU core.

“SCL display PMU” – Image driver

Cessation of the CPU, only met on iPhone 8 models, often due to words in the board.

“H3K5 Tglon” – Audio Codec / Amplifiers

“SMC PANIC ASSERTION” – Processor / Top Board
Met on iPhone X and above models.

It can also be any item that has certificates.

“EMemory apcie” – NAND

Ambiguous error, search the log for more keywords.

“Dart-dispo SMMU error” – Main camera

“Firmware fatal” – software
The flashing helps.

“Initproc exited” – Crystal Oscillator

“Invaild queue element linkage” – NAND

“AGXG10P BO NMI” – Failure of layers in the board
Punched sleeves / bushings.

“Apple tristar2″ – Tristar ”
Charge controller or its lines between the tiger and tristar.

“PMP NMI FIQ power (1) -failed to transition” – CPU / coils / KP
Ambiguous error.

“Void applesynopsysMIPID SIC glontroller” – Front ribbon cable

“WKDMD ERROR code 0x2” – Memory error
Get Error 14 (APFS) on firmware,

“Apple PPM” – Lightning / Tristar / Tigris
The error occurs while charging.

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