Seek Thermal Camera with Macro Lens – The best iPhone Logic Board troubleshooting tool – How to use guide

The Seek Compact Pro Thermal Camera is an awesome thermal camera for use with finding shorts on iPhone & iPad Logic Boards. Since it’s so compact, it doesn’t take up a lot of space on your bench. With the use of our Macro Lens, you can get close up thermal images which makes it easier to find the problematic component.

In the video, I give an example on how to setup the tripod stand, the best settings to use in the app & why the macro lens is helpful. We also show an example of an iPhone 7 Plus that is water damaged, which as a VDD MAIN short.

Previously, I was using the Qianli Thermal Camera, which worked well, but the downside was that it was far away from the board. I also heard the Flir camera wasn’t that great due to having to use it far away from the board as well. My Qianli actually started giving problems, which is why I started looking for a new thermal camera setup. After hearing some good feedback from the microsoldering community, I decided to give it a try.

Which Thermal Cam system are you using?
Do you plan on getting this Seek Compact Pro with our Macro Lens? Why or why not?

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