When To Replace Your iPhone Battery.

There’s nothing worse than your iPhone battery dying really fast. When a battery gets old, it will lose it’s ability to hold a charge. So this is why it is important to change your battery once it is old.

At SoCal Digital Repair, we can replace your iPhone battery within 15 minutes. We have OEM quality batteries.

Do yourself a favor, go to

  • Settings > Battery > Battery Health and see what is your Maximum Capacity.
  • If around 80% or lower, we recommend getting it replaced to make sure your phone is running at peak performance.
  • We have Premium extended capacity batteries in stock.
  • Prices are $40 – $80 depending on model.

If you get a low quality battery, you’re likely to still have battery issues & the Battery Health (Beta) menu will say to “Service” your battery.

Contact us if you’d like to setup an appointment.

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